Kyoko Hunt
Painting is my other language.
It brings to the world things born from any soul
And a me that I don't even know  
Resonates freely with others.


"Young One" watercolor, 56cm x76cm, $3,000
"Cat and Cherry" watercolor 76cmx56cm  2012, $3,000
"Mambo and Reika" watercolor 76cmx56cm  2012, $3,000
"White Cat and Roses" watercolor 76cmx56cm  2012, $3,000
"Happy Morment" watercolor 76cmx56cm  2012, $3,000
"NapTime" watercolor 76cmx56cm  2012, $3,000
"My Garden"  watercolor, 76cm x 56cm 
Collection of Renown Regional Medical Center
"Tulips" watercolor  76cm x56cm  2013 . $3,000

Young girl    Watercolor     15x11in       $1,500.
Mia         Watercolor          30x22in          $5,000
August painting  Watercolor  22x15in     $2,500
Noah    Watercolor  11x15in    $1,500
Among flowers    Watercolor     22x30in        $5,000