Owen Hunt
All images are copyrighted by Owen Hunt, 2005
Uji sunset in December   11x14in       Dec., 2011
Drawing class     20x16 inWinter kimono  16x14in  2010India skirt   12x9in  2010Japanese Persimmons  Salmon Fleece.  14x11in. March, 2011Red yukatta   9x7in   2000Uji River Sky     June, 2011  11x14inUji 9/24         On location   11x14inJune              14 x 11 oil       2012Uniform         16 x 12 oil         2012Black tank-top        20x16   2012Uji-late fall   9x12      2012Uji  River Park    14x16     2012Stripes    30x22in        2010Red Sweater        9x7 in.     2005Pond among FieldsFlower FamilyJazz TromboneFlowers in a GlassThrough the green leavesFall hillsideClose RiverObaku Mountain River with two trees on the left
Provence in Spring      11x13in          2014
Small arrangement                  March, 2012
Aeneas Fleeing Troy             March 2012
Selected Oil Paintings
Red Sweater         10x7in                  2010
Vatican Garden        12x16in         2014
Canalside   11x13      2014
Southern range      11x13in              2013
In the forest      18x18          2013
Sorrento Hillside      16x20          2014
January Thirty           12 x 10